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Effective April 1, 2018 TIFPI.org has moved to  www.TIFPIedu.org  

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The Institute continues to train and certify school and district leaders, and state education agency staff to facilitate systemic, sustainable school improvement. 

Our evidence-based certification and development programs are sole-source interventions based on the validated Certified School Improvement Specialist Standards. Our work also aligns to the Model Principal Supervisor Standards (CCSSO) and Human Performance Improvement Principles and Practices. 

We  teach development of Logic Models for improvement interventions, and practical, low-cost evaluation methods to provide an evidence-base for ESSA or Title-funded improvement initiatives.  

Evidence-based School Improvement Development

Looking for high-quality, evidence-based school improvement development for school leaders and their supervisors? 

Our LAUNCH! Learning and Performance Series https://tifpiedu.org/school-improvement-training/ meets ESSA requirements for school improvement interventions with a strong emphasis on leadership. Locally implemented, our evidence-based program is intensive, year-long, job-embedded and aligned to the validated Certified School Improvement Specialist standards.  

Learn more at www.TIFPIedu.org. Contact Institute President Deb Page, CPT, Deb@TIFPI.org

We also provide a fully evidence-based credential, the Certified School Improvement Specialist, https://tifpiedu.org/csis-csip-education/ that distinguishes proficient school Improvement practitioners -- at the state, district and school level.  To explore certification, contact Dr. Jean Quigg, CSIS, National Certification Director at Jean@TIFPI.org

Development for Planning and Evaluating ESSA Interventions

ESSA requires development of Logic Models which define the resources, activities, results and outcomes of each funded intervention. Likewise, interventions must be evaluated to determine and report their impact. The Success Case Evaluation Method ®   Learning and Performance Program teaches logic modeling, and a proven, simple approach for quickly evaluating improvement interventions and determining what is working --or not-- and why. 

The SCM ®  originated in K-12 and has been used around the world across all sectors to evaluate and improve professional learning and other interventions.

 The Success Case Evaluation Method®  registered service marks are the exclusive property of and owned by BTS, Inc. and its subsidiary company, Advantage Performance Group. BTS and APG have granted sub-license rights to the Institute to use the Success Case Evaluation Method ®   in its school improvement training programs.  

For more information, contact Deb Page Deb@TIFPI.org.   

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