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About TIfPI

TIfPI is is a woman-owned business founded by Deb Page and Judy Hale in 2012. It is an L3C, a low-profit social entrepreneurship, registered in the State of Illinois.

TIfPI members participate in two communities of practice (CoPs). One CoP is made up of high performing school superintendents and school improvement specialists. It is focused on building the capacity of school leaders (principals, superintendents, and school boards) to support the development of 21st century skills in students. The second CoP is made up of proven performance improvement experts with a passion for workforce development. The industry CoP hopes to assist with initiatives supported by professional and trade organizations, businesses, and government agencies to rapidly up-skill today's workforce. For example, TIfPI is a non-exclusive provider to USAID's international capacity building effort. Members of the CoP's have supported other USAID consulting firms in their international capacity building work.

Collectively the CoP members have expertise in P-20 education, learning technologies (authoring systems, LMS, mobile devices), change management, credentials and certifications, and capacity building. TIfPI's products and services include:
  • Consultation on and facilitation of capacity building projects
  • Consultation on change management initiatives
  • Design of credentials, especially for emerging professions involved in complex, multi-disciplinary work
  • Training others to do performance improvement work
  • Research on best practices related to capacity building, productivity improvement, workforce development, and credentialing
  • Credentialing P-20 change agents.

To learn more or to find out how to join TIfPI, please contact us at admin@tifpi.org.

About Us As A Business


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