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Getting Started                                    

School leadership teams, academic coaches, district leaders and state-assigned school improvement facilitators participate in:

Orientation to the Certified School Improvement Specialist™ (CSIS™) standards and evidence-based certification process. Includes an overview of the standards, assessment of readiness for application for certification, overview of evidence-based application process, and coaching for readiness.  

Contact Dr. Jean Quigg, CSIS at Jean@TIfPI.org to schedule a local or virtual CSIS™ Orientation.

Launch badge  Launch!(TM)

Using a Proven Process for Facilitating Improvement  

School leadership teams, academic coaches, district leaders and state-assigned school improvement facilitators participate in:

LAUNCH!TM, a ten-day development program over eight months,  aligned to the ten CSIS™ standards to support effective facilitation of school improvement efforts and achieve sustainable, systemic improvement.   Provides intensive practice, formative assessments, and peer and instructor feedback.

Participants routinely offer three reflections on their LAUNCH!™ experience: 

  • Why did we not have this training sooner?”; 
  • “Best PD ever, very energizing and practical”; 


  • “Now we have a proven process to follow to get the work done in the schools we lead and support.”

Contact Deb Page, CPT at Deb@TIfPI.org to explore LAUNCH!™ training for your team. 

More on the LAUNCH! page

Proving Proficiency in Improvement Facilitation

School leadership teams, academic coaches, district leaders and state-assigned school improvement facilitators, and regional or for-fee school improvement providers complete:

Double-blind, evidence-based assessment of each individual’s practice, proficiency and results against the national CSIS™ standards.  Includes feedback for applications that fail to meet the standards and award of the CSIS™ Certification for successful candidates with a Digital Badge.

Contact Dr. Jean Quigg, CSIS at Jean@TIfPI.org for information regarding CSIS™ certification.

Developing the Developers

District and regional staff responsible for developing leaders at all levels complete:

Orientation to development of local performance-based leadership development systems.

Training and facilitation of developers serving local or regional performance-based leadership development systems for initial implementation over 18 months, and progression over three year cycles, aligned with the real work of schools and school improvement data and plans.

  • Training of district or regional staff in performance-based Instructional design and delivery.
  • Virtual coaching for district or regional staff in performance-based leader development.
  • Cross training in local or regional delivery of performance-based leader development.
  • Intensive Performance Coach training
  • Training in Program Evaluation using performance-based methods and the Success Case™ Methodology with follow-up virtual coaching.
  • Training for transition from Professional Learning to Performance Consulting

Educators typically move into professional development roles from teaching, academic coaching, curriculum, or other leadership roles. Few professional developers have had access to the types of instructional analysis, design and development their peers in other sectors learn and use. 

The Institute helps professional developers expand those skills and become more effectively engaged in the school improvement process, and helps school improvement facilitators work more effectively with their Professional Learning counterparts.  For more information contact Deb Page, CPT at Deb@TIfPI.org.

Improving Human     Capital Management      

District and school leaders and staff responsible for attracting, growing and keeping effective principals, teachers and staff and regional development providers complete:

Orientation of District Design Teams to develop, improve and implement effective Human Capital Management and Leadership Development Systems,  including superintendents, associate superintendents and others who hire and supervise principals

Intensive DesignTeam Training and Facilitation in Human Capital Management and Leader Development systems, including

  • Training and facilitation for local school and educator performance analysis, development of common key competencies and competency models for jobs and job groups.
  • Training and facilitation of talent analysis and forecasting, recruiting, tapping talent, hiring, behavioral interviewing and development planning,
  • Educator Development and Performance Support system development and local implementation.
  • Performance Management system development, improvement and implementation in alignment with state and local performance evaluation processes.
  • Progression planning to ensure talent is ready for future school needs.
  • Sustainability planning and monitoring systems to support enduring improvement and transformation.

Design Teams often remark that they have not done this work before in an intentional way, and that they believe this has been the missing component in school improvement. The researchers of SIG school performance at West Ed agree. They found Human Capital to be one of four drivers of school turnaround, along with Social Capital, Program Coherence and Resources. (2015, West Ed) Contact Deb Page, CPT @ Deb@TIfPI.org to get your District Design Team started.

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