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Practices PowerUp Bannder

What is a Practice Power-Up?

If you manage a learning or credentialing practice (T&D, L&D, professional certifications), your organization may be ready for a Practices Power-Up tune-up.  As top practitioners in our fields, we offer independent customized consultation services and leave you with actionable recommendations on how to fine-tune your learning or credentialing programs .

A team of learning and credentialing experts:

  • Reviews workflow documentation
  • Interviews stakeholders
  • Identifies processes inefficiencies
  • Analyzes customer service processes and issues
  • Reviews technologies and technology issues queues
For learning programs, the team also analyzes curriculum integration and effectiveness:
  • Scaling between courses
  • Appropriateness of activities for practice
  • Effectiveness of assessments
  • Effectiveness of delivery format
For credentialing programs, the team:
  • Reviews alignment with public promise
  • Reviews cycle times on processing applications and on credential maintenance
  • Assesses the implications of practices on cash flow

When should you request a Practices Power-Up?  

Contact us when you want a third-party review resulting in action-able recommendations to fine-tune your learning or credentialing programs, when you have:

  • Aging curricula
  • New learning or credentialing leadership
  • Impending change in workflow technology
  • A need for optimization
  • A need to differentiate your products from the competition

To start your Practices Power-Up, contact Dr. Judith Hale, judy@tifpi.org or call 630-235-0195. 

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