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LAUNCH!, the Institute’s dynamic new performance-based training program for school improvement facilitators, the first cohort of Kentucky Education Recovery Leaders and Education Recovery Specialists graduated October 13, 2014.  New LAUNCH! programs are being scheduled in your state. 

All of the participants in each cohort are also pursuing the evidence-based Certified School Improvement Specialist™ (CSIS™) job certification.  Upon attaining certification each will earn a verifiable CSIS™ Digital Badge for use with digital media (social media, blogs, websites and email signatures) to provide current and future employers with evidence of their proficiency in practice and impact in guiding low-performing schools.

Thanks to the developers of this series, Dr. Jean Quigg, CSIS, ID(ILT) and Deb Page, CPT, for facilitating these cohorts, and Dr. Donna Tackett and the Kentucky Department of Education for hosting them. 

Download a printable brochure here. To arrange your own LAUNCH! program contact Deb Page at deb@tifpi.org.


The graduates of the first cohort shared their learning and the value of the training with the second cohort of practitioners who began their training on October 14th.

Jefferson County Education Recovery Leader, David Raleigh, told the group, 

“You will find this to be the most effective and useful training you have ever experienced. We have reflected many times that we wish we could have had this intensive experience before we were assigned to the schools we support. We appreciate that Dr. Tackett has made this possible for us. It has recharged us, and equipped us to guide sustainable, systemic school turnaround.”

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LAUNCH! completion badge

Recent Launch! Graduates

Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the 10 one-day workshops and received their LAUNCH! Certificate of Completion and verifiable Continuing Education Digital Badge. 

  • Robyn Baxter 
  • Felicia Bond 
  • Lisa Carroll 
  • Shannon Coyle 
  • Kathy Evanko 
  • Angela Harris 
  • Pebbles Lancaster 
  • Danny Osborne 
  • David Raleigh 
  • Tammy Sayle 
  • Sallye Thompson 
  • Billie Travis

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