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CSIS: Certified School Improvement Specialist

Is the CSIS for you?

This certification is for you if you want to be recognized for your ability to facilitate systemic changes
that led to sustained student achievement. You may be a school improvement specialist, principal, superintendent, or a retired school leader. You may work for a school district, a regional office, the state, or be an independent consultant. Whatever your role or employment status if you can demonstrate sustained gains in student achievement by working with the adults (parents and school administrators) this certification is for you. Read more..

Why Become a CSIS

1. It is valued by school systems and being increasingly recognized by state boards of education.
2. You will be part of an exclusive group.
3. You will become known as someone who can produce meaningful results under real workplace conditions.
4. You will gain confidence from knowing your work withstood peer scrutiny.
5. You let the world know you committed to a Code of Ethics.
6. You will be recognized as someone who collaborates with others and adds value in the process.
7. You will join a team gaining global recognitio

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The School Improvement Series is designed to
help you be an
 effective school improvement specialist. The series includes:

• Orientation to the Certified School Improvement
Specialist (CSIS) Certification Process
 (live and Online)

• HPI Fundamentals for Education

And more... see all our Events.

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