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Certified Performance
Improvement FacilitatorTM

 The Evidence-based CPIFTM  Certification

Organizations must adapt and evolve to remain successful. Collaboration and teamwork are critical for employees to engage to find better ways to achieve results, and to perform at their best. Individuals who can use proven practices and tools to guide others from across departments and functions to work together effectively to identify and close gaps in performance and sustain results add tremendous value to their organizations.

The Institute for Performance Improvement awards a fully evidence-based designation aligned to the ten Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ standards. Applicants complete an online orientation to the standards and application process, and document their work facilitating organizational performance improvement and innovation. Applications are submitted for double-blind review. Successful candidates are awarded a CPIF™ digital badge, an international verifiable micro-credential.

Announcing a New 
Evidence-based Credential

TIfPI announces its' newest evidence-based credential, the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ (CPIF).

The designation recognizes professionals with demonstrated proficiency in guiding complex, collaborative efforts that result in sustainable organizational performance improvement.

Applicants complete an online orientation to the CPIF™ standards and the application process.  Applicants document their efforts in guiding others through systemic, sustainable improvement efforts that resulted in measurable organizational performance gains. They also submit attestations of the accuracy of the application by qualified individuals.  The Institute processes each application through a double-blind review.

Successful applicants are awarded a Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ verifiable digital badge, that recognizes their skills and contributions in workforce development, human capital management, project management, innovation and improvement accomplished through facilitated collaboration.

No training or development is required for certification, only an online orientation to the CPIF™ standards and application process.  Register for Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator Orientation (see sidebar)..

The CPIF™ standards were developed beginning in 2010 based on research of the practices of individuals who were effective in facilitating performance turn-arounds and sustained organizational performance improvement.

The Institute provides training for professionals seeking to develop performance improvement facilitation skills through its SUSTAIN!™ program, which is offered in a workshop setting or live online.  For more information contact Deb Page, National CPIF™ Director at Deb@TIFPI.org.

The Standards    

The CPIF™ Standards reflect the research by the Institute for Performance Improvement of the practices of individuals who have been effective in guiding collaborative, systemic sustainable improvement. The standards are rooted in the principles and practices of Human Performance Improvement.

  • 1.      Analyze and apply critical judgment
  • 2.      Facilitate making meaning and engagement
  • 3.      Focus on systemic factors
  • 4.      Plan and record
  • 5.      Organize and manage efforts
  • 6.      Guide and focus collaborative improvement
  • 7.      Build capacity
  • 8.      Demonstrate organizational sensitivity
  • 9.      Monitor accountability and adoption
  • 10.   Implement for sustainability

Download a copy of the Detailed CPIF™ Standards.

Downloadable version of the CPIFTM Handbook, coming soon.   

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